More content from more sources, more devices, more formats, and more people.
  • Easy uploading for your audience via websites, mobile apps, webcam, email, Instagram, FTP /  RSS and API
  • Multi-format uploading of live video, video, photos, and text boosts content acquisition and audience satisfaction
  • Find and capture valuable content from the social web
  • Do more with your budget by acquiring content more efficiently


Use our Media Factory and its smart-filtering tools to manage social content at scale.
  • Easily moderate content to ensure your audience is engaged with intelligent and relevant content
  • Group, channel and tag content in meaningful collections
  • See your audience on a map and send geographic push notifications to send your users to specific pages in your mobile application
  • Smart content filters for optimal sort and search functionality
  • Instant scalability to manage large traffic loads
  • Enterprise-level support for managing content across brands, territories, and programs


Broadcast your content on multiple channels with ease and flexibility.
  • Publish to your CMS, broadcasting system, or other applications to make the most of your content
  • Simple and broad integration with third-party systems via FTP, API, RSS, CDN, video platforms, etc.
  • Mobile and Desktop support lets you reach your audience on multiple devices
  • Choose from extensive templates for quick starts, or unparalleled flexibility for unlimited integration
  • Browse content by most popular, most viewed, or search for content


Engage your audience with social activities that increase page views and time spent on site. Measure ROI with our reporting tools.
  • Keep your audience engaged by browsing rich media content
  • Multiple social activities include: Uploading, Sharing, Voting, Commenting, Viewing and more.
  • Boost content consumption by offering more of what your audience wants: videos and photos
  • Increase Facebook likes and Twitter followers using integrated contests and sweepstakes
  • Measure ROI with custom reports on e.g. views, engagement (shares, votes, comments), time on site and more.